Monday, January 29, 2007 - model actor website scam

TooSpoiled, the next ImpactWW

Ayman Ahmed El Difrawi
aka Alec Defrawy aka Alex Simon aka andsoforth, TooSpoiled Shadow CEO

Michael Fomkin

Most likely you found this site, because you got an invitation that you weren't too sure about. Your gut feeling was correct. It is all a big scam.

The main con-artists behind it are named Ayman Ahmed el Difrawi (aka Alec Defrawy aka Alex Simon aka...) and his patsy Michael Fomkin, allegedly with Ralph Edward Bell and Cortes Randell on the background. They used to be together in a line of modeling scams from (BBB / press) up to Lou Pearlman's Wilhelmina Scouting Network WSN / Trans Continental Talent TCT (BBB) and Fashion Rock (BBB). Just use any search engine to dig up tons of well-documented dirt. Scamming and twisting the truth is all they know.

See the Better Business Bureau report about Impact 210 Worldwide aka TooSpoiled.

"Complaints report that the "job" is actually a commission sales position and many consumers do not get their paychecks." - "Based on BBB files, this business has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau, because there is a pattern of complaints, and the business has not corrected the underlying reason for the complaints."

This deceptive Defrawy "business model" comes down to:
1 - cheating hopefull job-hunters into acting as very cheap or even free labour
2 - making them ignorantly spam and scam masses of hopefull consumers, to sell "opportunities" with less chances than entering a lottery.
4 - having them recruit new marketeers and recruiters
5 - have the system running fully automated and self-supporting.
6 - evaluate and start up an improved & extended version under a new name.

Deceptive lead generation for the SPAM databases started early 2005, using an ever changing line of fictious company sites offering bogus jobs. Currently running: Instant Human Resources, Administrative Solutions, USA Voice, Ask America, Good Grade Zone, Kasamba Careers

See the scammer's pathetic efforts to promote the (then still future) scam TooSpoiled, trolling with six aliases in one board topic, lol! But alas! SPAM still works. See Alexa.

Google Adwords, Monster, Careerbuilder and Employmentguide have removed Defrawy ads several times. Yahoo Hotjobs recently removed all 1200 USAVoice job ads.

Address on and is 447 Broadway, 4th Floor New York, NY 10013, but reportedly they moved out of this posh Soho office without previous notice, leaving the employees without their last 2 weeks pay. Then they operated from Brentwood TN (a Nashville suburb) for a while and took off without notice when purported mass convention Talent Palooza was "canceled". Current whereabouts most likely one of Defrawy's Orlando offices, like the one on 2295 South Hiawassee Road, Suite 308, Orlando, Florida 32835 .

Sites used as a front for company credibility in recruiting office personnel are fake Internet Solutions Corp , Titan , and

Don't let it be. Report to the authorities and ISP. Only massive complaints will work!

last updated 2007-01-24

Where to report

Spam & phishing complaints to the ISP and

Report fraud & fraud attempts to
our local police / FBI office, or online at
Internet Crime Complaint Center

Federal Trade Commission FTC
Federal Communications Commission FCC
In any way always include a copy of the mail's full headers.

This company is advertising a PAYING position. If they are sending the mails under the pretense of potential employment and yet have no job positions to offer under those descriptions, and are indeed gathering marketing research as a result of the Q/A then what we have is a violation of FTC and FCC regulations. It's illegal to make a profit of any kind under false pretense and just as illegal to use a Federally regulated form of communication to do it. more >>

447 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013

Original Business Start Date: 4/1/2005

Principal: Peter Luterek, President

Phone Number: (212) 334-5325

Fax Number: (212) 334-2002

Email Address:


Type of Business: Marketing Programs & Services

Membership Status: This company is not a member.

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.

Nature of Business

According to complaints filed with the Bureau, Impact 210 Worldwide engages in aggressive marketing in order to recruit "talent scouts". The company sends e-mails or makes calls to "eligible" job seekers stating that the job available has benefits and a salary of up to $78,000. Complaints report that the "job" is actually a commission sales position and many consumers do not get their paychecks. Consumers report that when they pay for talent services and services are not rendered they cannot get a refund. Reports also state that it is extremely difficult to contact the company.


Rafiah Kashmiri Works on EPA coal cleaning

Project Director and Member of Coordinated Research Council,
International Harvester, Burr Ridge, Illinois. Directed unregulated
diesel emission program related to carcinogenic and mutagenic materials
for the EPA and all the diesel engine manufacturing companies; worked
on methods development for isolating polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons
in air particulate samples utilizing high-performance liquid
chromatography for EPA as well as auto and engine manufacturers and oil
Developed techniques for trace and multi-elemental analysis of coal,
water and gas samples utilizing proton induced X-ray emission for
Kentucky Department of Energy and University of Kentucky Physics

Physicist Rafiah Kashmiri authors 17 publications at University of
Directed several research programs (over 17 million dollars in grants).
Taught college physics for 11 years to undergraduate physics and
engineering students. Authored 17 publications and research reports on
involving the utilization of radioimmunoassay, which led to the
development of a commercial diagnostic test for early cancer detection.

Rafiah Kashmiri heads woman owned Government Contacting business
Responsibilities include strategic planning, finance, market research,
quality assurance, and management of human resources, administration,
internal policies, and project implementation. Directed research and
acquisition programs.

Rafiah Kashmiri works on Cancer detection
Cancer Research Analyst, Senior Chemist, Teaching Assistant, University
of Kentucky, Department of Surgery and Physics, Lexington, Kentucky.
Developed and directed research program for the University of Kentucky
Medical Center and Hoffman La Roche Pharmaceutical Company involving
the utilization of radioimmunoassay which led to the development of a
commercial diagnostic test for early cancer detection.
Performed extensive studies in environmental areas involving methods
development and trace analysis of organic and inorganic species in
water and waste water and the analysis of trace levels of pesticides
and dioxins in animal tissue.

Expand Inc and President Rafiah Kashmiri introduce new Library
1. New Library
Expand has developed a library of objects you can use to create
resource allocation architectures. The library is called "Queue".
You may download the Queue installer from the VSO website and start
creating your own architectures. Three files will be installed on your
a. The file queue.mdb is the entity repository for the Queue objects.
It will be installed in "My Documents\VSO Documents\VSO Databases".
b. The file queue.dll contains the executable functions for the Queue
objects. It will be installed in "My Documents\VSO Documents\VSO
c. The file queue.ppt describes the library and how to use it. It will
be installed in "My Documents\VSO Documents".
Comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please send them
to Brian Woodring. If you have any problems using VSO or the Queue
library, either send an email describing the problems you are
experiencing or call John Woodring at (904) 646-0552.

Expand Inc and lead by President Rafiah Kashmiri create amazing new tool
Created by Expand, Inc. as part of an Air Force funded Small Business
Innovation Research (SBIR) effort, VSO can significantly reduce the
effort required to build large-scale system models and expand and
enhance design views beyond what is currently available.
The Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Electronic Systems
Center have enthusiastically endorsed the continued development of this
effort. VSO is directly applicable to long-range DoD efforts in
Simulation Based Acquisition and Collaborative Virtual Prototyping.

VSO can be used to support:
Integrated Executable Architecture
Research & Development
System or Systems Analysis
Design of Experiments
Emergency Management

For more information visit

Rafiah Kashmiri Contribution List in 2004

Name & Location Employer/Occupation $ Amount Date Contibuted To
Kashmiri, Rafiah
32811 $1,000 05/21/2004 FRIENDS OF CORRINE BROWN - Democrat
Kashmiri, Rafiah
34736 Expand Inc./President $1,000 05/17/2004 KELLER FOR CONGRESS
- Republican Kashmiri, Rafiah Mr.
32256 Self/Retired $1,000 04/21/2004 CRENSHAW FOR CONGRESS CAMPAIGN
- Republican Kashmiri, Rafiah
32811 Expand Inc./President/CEO $1,000 04/20/2004 CONGRESSMAN BILL YOUNG CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE
- Republican Kashmiri, Rafiah
34736 Expand Inc./President $1,000 04/19/2004 FRIENDS OF CLIFF STEARNS
- Republican Kashmiri, Rafiah
32811 Modasco Inc./president $1,000 04/19/2004 TOM FEENEY FOR CONGRESS - Republican

Expand, Inc.
5728 Major Boulevard
Suite 232
Orlando, FL 32819
Phone: 407.351-1553
reverse phone
Ana Diaz (407) 351-1553 3131 W Oak Ridge Rd,Orlando, FL 32809

Ana's address is Chateau Orleans Apartments,

514 Phase I Selections from the 06.1 Solicitation
5728 Major Boulevard, Suite 232
Orlando, FL 32819
Topic#: (407) 351-1553
Dr. John Woodring
AF 06-052 Awarded: 20APR06
Title: Semantically Correct Interoperability of Executable Architectures

Composing Executable Architectures from Legacy Simulations
John Woodring Expand, Inc.
Visual Simulation Objects (VSO) is a collaborative architecture specification, design and execution toolkit that assists analysts in rapidly prototyping system designs and evaluating their dynamic performance. VSO uses a graphical simulation language to describe objects and their interactions. It can be used both for individual applications and in a collaborative development environment. VSO can translate architectures developed in a variety of languages, such as System Architect, to VSO’s format and execute them in a distributed environment using a built-in HLA interface.
We will demonstrate how two teams, initially working independently, can collaborate to build and execute a complex architecture and extract performance information from it. The first team translates an Air Operations Center (AOC) model developed in System Architect to VSO’s format and executes it to determine its dynamic properties. The second team develops an executable architecture of Time Critical Targeting (TCT), a U.S. Air Force war fighting function, in VSO. Working collaboratively, the two teams integrate their architectures in VSO via an HLA/RTI. The integrated architecture describes multiple simultaneously-executing target acquisitions, each of which sends a detection message to the AOC, and can be used to examine how AOC resources can be allocated to meet the targeting requests.

Dr. Woodring is the Chief Scientist for Expand, Inc. and responsible for the technical oversight of all its commercial and government contracts. He has 25 years experience in modeling and simulation and over 75 classified publications in military tactics analysis and evaluation. He is currently the Principal Investigator for Air Force R&D projects related to the development of model architecture tools that can be used to evaluate warfighting alternatives.

Missions and Means Framework
employment of Visual Simulation Objects
Dr. John Woodring, Technical Director

Ayman El-Difrawi (Ayman A. El-Difrawi)
Aliases: "Alec Defrawy"; "Michael Difrawi"; "Michael Chandler"; "Michael Jensen"; "David Mellon"; "Alan Madison"
Crimes, Arrests, Indictments, Convictions, and Fraud

* Child Abuse
* Sexual Harassment
* Conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud
* False financial reporting
* Illegal phone call recordings
* False Advertising
* Copyright violations for commercial purposes
* Internet Fraud
* Conspiracy to commit internet fraud
* Internet defamation
* Conspiracy to defraud the media
* Unpaid restitution

Copyright violations for commercial purposes

Defrawy copied supermodel images and put them on his website to mislead consumers to sign up with emodel.

If Defrawy was earning $274,798 and $64,862, respectively in consulting fees and bonuses, why was he only paying $300 per month in restitution? If the authorities knew that he was making that much money, they would never have allowed him to pay back such a small amount per month. IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION ABOUT THE ASSETS OF DEFRAWY OR FRAUDULENT REPORTING, CONTACT The Financial Litigation Unit of the U.S. Attorney Office in Orlando, Florida.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Harman Calls for Release of Second Secret Iraq Report

OK, this is from Sept 2006,
but in case anyoe missed it, good article.
A few snips on other articles as well.


Harman Calls
for Release of Second Secret Iraq Report

a second

damning Iraq report floating around the intelligence community.

At least, that's according to Rep. Jane Harman (CA), the top
Democrat on the House intelligence committee. At an event this morning,
Harman disclosed the existence of a classified intelligence community
report that gives a grim assessment of the situation in Iraq, and
called for it to be shared with the American public -- before
the November elections.

The report has not been shared with Congress, although sources
say a
draft version may have circulated earlier this summer. It is a separate
report from the one revealed by major news outlets Sunday, which is
said to conclude that the war in Iraq has made the U.S. less secure
from terrorist threats.

"This morning at the National Press Club, Jane Harman did say
there is an [National Intelligence Estimate] on Iraq," her spokesman,
Ari Goldberg, confirmed. Golberg said he had not read the report, but
believes it may be grim. Sources at the event say the document is not
officially an NIE, although it was prepared by the National
Intelligence Council, an community-wide intelligence body whose primary
function is to prepare NIEs.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Olbermann's 911 Special Commentary

Olbermann's 911 Special Commentary
Olbermann takes on Bush. Video courtesy of Crooks and Liars.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Distracting Congress from the Real War Plan

Distracting Congress from the Real War Plan

I have a real bad feeling about this Iraq war, and more troops.

Bush just said that he will be putting aircraft carrier groups in the gulf, and i think 1 of 2 things will happen.

1) Iran will attack one of our ships or planes.

If not....

2) Isael will attack one of our ships or planes and make it look like Iran did.

Another false flag!

There is no other real reason for this troop increase.

I had mentioned earlier that the Baker commission was just a farce to distract the American people.

This is what you do, to keep the war going...

1) Get a group of well respected people to look into the situation.

2) Create a media frenzy around it.

3) Make the American people THINK that you are making changes.

4) Tell the American people it will take months (at least) to see if the changes work.

Well, i was only 1/2 right.

Theres MORE to it.

I smell a False Flag OP in the working.

The president cant invade IRAN right now, (without congress)

because there is no immanent danger,

lets say, if there was a large scale attack against our troops in Iraq,
that "supposedly" came from IRAN,

then, is it an immediate danger
Remember Israel wants us to attack Iran



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Monday, January 08, 2007

Bush Humor Political Satire

Bush reciting the PLEDGE...

i pledge allegiance to my wife...
i pledge allegiance to the united states of Americar,
to which it stands one lady

under, ummm....

read more | digg story

Bush Humor

Bush_Humor political satire

i pledge allegiance to my wife...

(oops, sorry),
i pledge allegiance ....

(one second, ive got GAS)

i pledge allegiance to God
(oops, "The president's job is never to promote a religion.")

-Oval Office, May 5, 2006

i pledge allegiance ....

i pledge....

i pledge allegiance to the united states of Americar,
to which it stands one lady

under, ummm....

one religion... OOPS...

One, i mean, umm....

i pledge allegiance to Dick Cheney, his wife,
and their beautiful gay daughter...

Aww heck, well, umm...

One nations under the republicans,
to which I stand for one and for all.

Play BALL !

Bush Humor

MORE Bush_humor


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Saturday, January 06, 2007

What really happened at the Danziger Bridge ?

What really happened at the Danziger Bridge ?

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Police shot and killed 2 people injuring more.
There have been SEVERAL different accounts of what happened...

It looks fairly clear, that at least some of the people were just in
wrong place at the wrong time.

Police came to a report of an incident, and shot people who were just
crossing the bridge.

In the days after the storm, no one knew who was in charge, and if you
had a badge then YOU were.

officers came from all over the US, not just police, but ATF, FBI, and
anyone with a badge.

hava look...

Now, im glad that most of the NOPD decided to stay,
but the problem
with this incident, is that they LIED about it.

These were trying times for everyone including the police, but if you
do something wrong, then, tell the truth,

and let the chips fall where they may.

The LYING seemed to be part of the whole essence of government thinking.

Get away with what you can, and if you get caught, lie about it.

Thats what FEMA did too.

Bush said he would help the Citizens,

but a total of 37 people (as of
Jan 5th 2006) have actually recieved money !@?

Here are the first few reports about this incident.

It seems every report that came out was different.

Trying to cover things up, then when busted, changing the story.

First they were contractors, then they were looters, then something to
do with the Corps of Engineers...

None of that was

I also have to REALLY wonder why the Corps of Engineers was originally
in the middle of this,

and now it seems that they have nothing to do with it ???

First, ill post what i read at in Dec 2005, they
summed up the different stories.

Then, further below, is the account of what REALLY happened.


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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bush's One-Fingered Victory Salute

Bush shooting the bird

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

France: UFO sightings are no X-Files

Monday, January 01, 2007


US censors websites
If you are not for us you are against us
By Nick Farrell: Thursday 02 March 2006, 15:46

US MARINES stationed in Iraq are complaining that the US government is restricting access their access to websites too much.
Along with porn sites, on the Army’s list of banned sites include mail sites such as Yahoo, AT&T, Hotmail. The censors are also blocking blogs and sites that do not agree with the current administration.

One marine wrote to a site called Wonkette to tell them that it was on the banned list. He said he didn’t mind The Army blocking access to porn sites, because it was a government network but he and the troops were getting miffed that access to email and possibly-not-toeing-the-government-line websites was a bit much.

Apparently the censorship is being done by the USMC Network Operations Center in Quantico, VA.

They don’t like it when troops want read minute-by-minute updates of Anna Nicole Smith's appearance before the Supreme Court or read birthday cards to disgraced lobbyists.


Almost 90% think war is retaliation for Saddam’s role in 9/11, most don’t blame Iraqi public for insurgent attacks

US President George Bush has said there is no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved in the 11 September attacks (September 2003).


An overwhelming majority of 72% of American troops serving in Iraq think the U.S. should exit the country within the next year, and more than one in four say the troops should leave immediately, a new Le Moyne College/Zogby International survey shows.