Monday, January 08, 2007

Bush Humor

Bush_Humor political satire

i pledge allegiance to my wife...

(oops, sorry),
i pledge allegiance ....

(one second, ive got GAS)

i pledge allegiance to God
(oops, "The president's job is never to promote a religion.")

-Oval Office, May 5, 2006

i pledge allegiance ....

i pledge....

i pledge allegiance to the united states of Americar,
to which it stands one lady

under, ummm....

one religion... OOPS...

One, i mean, umm....

i pledge allegiance to Dick Cheney, his wife,
and their beautiful gay daughter...

Aww heck, well, umm...

One nations under the republicans,
to which I stand for one and for all.

Play BALL !

Bush Humor

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