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911 WTC video FAKE ?

The first version that was released was a fake, with a plane that was pasted in. for an explanation, please see

The issue is not new.
This is the base question of the "no-planer" debate.
Now, from my point of view at least, the term no-planer"
has been thrown about very loosely.
Many of the people that thought a 757 MIGHT not have hit the Pentagon,
were deemed "no-planers" from time to time, by different people.

This confusion has fueled problems , and BOTH sides of the are at fault for not clearing this up.
The arguments themselves, to me, are a distraction from the truth movement,
but there is no reason the videos shouldnt be looked at closely,
as a matter of fact, I think it important that they are.
The problem is, they are usually looked at with an agenda.

My position is that I think that Flight 175 probably did not hit the tower,
though, I think something probably did.
I also think that SOME of the photos and videos that have been shown about September 11th,
were manipulated to some degree at least, and some very possibly were total fakes.

If you find that hard to believe, you should realize that certain sites
which originally posted these videos and photos, did not have any photographers name associated
with the photo or video, and indeed, they did no homework at all to verify the authenticity of the media.
Even the major media outlets on September 11th and the days following aired video simply saying ....
"this is amateur footage".
It was submitted to them, sometimes anonymously, and taken as fact.

Many have remained as FACT , and just called "CNN footage" or something by the researchers.
On one site in particular, I found a photo literally penciled in, probably by a young kid.
Other videos / photos do have a background,
but the photographer may have a history which is a bit suspicious.

These photos and videos get passed around between people,
shared at websites, and taken to be authentic,
with no validation at all.
Other photos and videos came out years after the fact,
and most of those are conspicuous to say the least,

if not for oddities in the film, for the timing of the release.

Some September 11 researchers take these films apart, trying to determine
what kind of plane it is, etc...
and do not bother to check who the photographer was, the history of the video's release,
or any other info to tell if the film is authentic.

To take these videos as authentic , without checking the background, is a mistake,
and one that happens all too often in the 9/11 truth community

I have researched many of the videos and photos from September 11,
calling into question several of them.
I usually bring to light problems I see, so that other researchers can pick up where I left off,
and usually, I do not end up with a hard conclusion either way.
Unfortunately, many researchers do not see my work in this light,
and either take this to mean that I am a "no-planer" ,
or I think that the video is fake, real,
or come to some other conclusion, which I usually, have not.

If you STILL think ALL of the videos you have seen are real,
have a look at THIS one.

Another example is shown below.
(From the Park Foreman Video.)

(click for large version)
Park Foreman Video september 11 Fake

This is an overlay of 2 different frames from this video in Photoshop.
There are a couple of things i find strange.
For one, if you watch the video, the plane seems to be centered very well,
and follows through very smoothly for a hand held camera
tracking a plane going at 400+ mph

Fake Video Park Foreman 9-11

Notice the POLE (2 arrows)
The reason the pole appears to move in relation to the background,
is because it is in the foreground.
But, thats not the only reason, that is not enough.
The camera also has to be moving.
I dont mean from left to right,
i mean the WHOLE camera must be moving, as if someone were running with it,
or the video was taken from a helicopter etc....

We dont know how much exactly, it has to move,
since we dont know how close the POLE is in the foreground.
But, if you are running with a camera in your hand,
how do you keep this plane in the center of view ?
(and, why would you be running ?)

Also, if this is from a helicopter
how would you see the plane coming, and focus in,
while keeping the plane in the center of view, rather smoothly ?

NEXT, the STARS....
When I first looked at this video, I had a degraded copy,
and never made much about the little bright lights in the background.

A degraded video, could easily had some anomalies like this.
Now, we have a much better copy.
These little lights SEEM to be stationary, so at first, I thought they might be STARS.
I was an amateur astronomer, and it is possible to see stars in the daytime
with the right equipment,
under the right conditions.
But this camera wasn't setup to do this.
So looking further into it, I realized that the stars DO move.
taking different frames from the video, and overlaying them on the background,
it seems the stars are not stationary.

Keeping the stars "bright lights" centered, the buildings appear to move
keeping the "stars" centered, the 2 overlays of the building , do not match.

Now, there may be another explanation as to why the stars appear to move.
They areNOT moving, everything else is.

Are these stars ?
Is the camera moving ?
What type camera was used ? Homepage

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