Friday, December 08, 2006

Meet your Meat ! Watch this before you eat your next meal !! - Google Video

I have been a vegetairian for 15 years. I cant understand how anyone can watch this, and then eat meat. Now that i dont eat it anymnore, i cant understand how anyone even likes it, it makes me sick to look at it. It si NOT natural either !!! If you look at the gastrointestinal tract of any vegetairan animal, it looks like ours. Take chimps, our closest relative. They are Vegetarians, with a rare snack on termites and ants. Their digestive tract is long (like ours) to make the most of the foods they eat. The problem is that meats go bad inside you quickly. They are toxic, that is why cats (and other meat eaters) have SHORT digestive tracts. Cats pass their food in hours, ather than days like us. Their feces is watery, and somewhat undigested.

Ive done some research on human anthropology, and our ancestors were mainly vegetarians, until recently.

It takes 1 acre of land to feed a vegetairian, and 100 acres of land to feed a human that eats meat.

The meat lobby has lots of money, since the US was mainly farmland, so the lobbyists strong armed the USDA to make you think that meat, poultry, milk and eggs were essential to your health. They are NOT. the USDA has even changed the percentage of protein that is needed.

Dont follow the crowd, think about whats best, (for you, the animals, and the rest of the world) and whats natural.

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