Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ode to Sara Palin

From the cold up north comes a woman who hunts
she was very good at Karl Rovian stunts
She attracts conservative crowds far, wide, and big
Not bad for a candidate, with an IQ 3 more than a pig

She barks so loud - Don't,
Don't, Don't vote for him
He eats Arugula salad,
and has black skin
He is a terrorist, a liberal, he's different you see
He cares about the poor, He has a college degree

It's about HOPE, and CHANGE, thats OUR message TOO..
But the difference is, is that We're red white and blue

Its taxes, the economy, that big money tree
We can fix it, like before, just look at Bush 1, 2, and three

Bush humor political satire

Bush humor political satire

Bush humor political satire

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