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The ANTHRAX attacks had to be tied to 9/11
They happened at the same time. It takes time to get your hands on weaponized anthrax,
then plan and follow through with those mailings.

FACT: Anthrax has the same type fo "TERROR" effect that the 9/11 attacks did.

FACT: In 2003 Ivins received the highest non-military award there is from the Pentagon.

FACT: On approximately 4 Sept. 2001 AMI received a fan letter containing powder and a star of David, addressed to actress Jennifer Lopez

FACT: the Washington Post reported in 2006 that the FBI no longer believes the anthrax was weaponized.

FACT: anthrax was mailed only to democrats and democratic members of the media

FACT: an anonymous letter accusing a former USAMRIID scientist of plotting terrorism was sent to police BEFORE any anthrax letters or disease were reported.
The letter contains evidence that the anonymous writer had probably worked at USAMRIID.
This letter may also come from the anthrax perpetrator.

This is what one of the letters said.
It very much appears that it is tied to the 9/11 attacks


Was IVINS a radical MUSLIM ???

'Weird Love Letter to Jennifer Lopez'
On its Web site, Newsweek magazine reported that on Sept. 4 AMI
received a "weird love letter to
Jennifer Lopez" containing a "soapy" powder
and a star of David, addressed to the singer-actress c/o The Sun tabloids.

That report is the only source of information concerning the date of receipt
of the letter, or that it was addressed to Lopez specifically in care of the Sun.

Inside the Lopez letter was a "soapy, powdery substance" and a cheap Star of David
charm, Sun employees confirmed. Knowledgeable sources told
that the letter, which Blanco had taken to the Sun, was opened by one
of the editors in the absence of an editorial assistant who would have
ordinarily opened it.

The editor looked at it and then tossed it into a wastepaper basket.
Another Sun staffer, who was told had a daughter who is a Lopez
fan, retrieved it, found the contents amusing but of no interest to his
daughter, and passed it around to other staff members, according to our
The last person to touch the letter, they told,
was probably Bob Stevens. (anthrax now dead)

FBI's Strange Reaction
Moreover, the FBI, which dismissed the letter out of hand and denied it
had any significance, for reasons not disclosed asked AMI not to go
into detail about it with the media or anyone else. The whole thing
just vanished from the investigative radar screen.

The Newsweek report that the Lopez
letter arrived Sept. 4th, seven days before the events of the terrorist
hijacking attacks, would have assumed enormous significance had the
letter been kept. It would seem to point the finger of guilt directly
at the 9-11 hijackers, most of whom lurked nearby until leaving for
their deadly rendezvous with the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Its pretty obvious to me that the anthrax attacks were tied to 9/11
and they are trying to cleanup all loose ends before BUSHCO leave office.

Something smells to me about this Bruce Ivins.
They just aired an audio clip of his "psychiatrist" who said something
about him wanting to
"go out in a blaze of glory" with guns etc...

If thats true, how come he was not put in jail ?
What would have happened hadhe actually WANTED to go out in a blaze of glory
dont you think he would have used ANTHRAX instead of guns ?

ALso, im not sure if i buy the VICODEN line.
it would take a hell of a lot of that to die from
I would think he would have used morphine and valium at least.
I would think he would know something about drugs, and have access to
them ??
He was the son of a pharmacist.

OK, so have someone who was supposedly responsible for the Anthrax attacks
who then goes and buys a gun, and a bullet proof vest, and says hes
going out in a "Blaze of Glory"

BUT, hes walking around on the street not locked up ?

Looks like the patriot act wasnt working too good eh ???


Therapist Jean C. Duley testified on July 24 that Bruce E. Ivins
described a "detailed homicidal plan" to kill his co-workers after
learning he was going to be indicted on capital murder charges.
Duley testified that Ivins had been diagnosed as a "sociopathic,
homicidal killer" by several top psychiatrists.

During a recent group therapy session, Ivins said he had bought a
bullet-proof vest and obtained a gun after learning of the pending
charges, Duley said.

"He was going to go out in a blaze of glory," testified Duley, who said
that Ivins also threatened her.

Frederick County District Judge W. Milnor Roberts issued a temporary
protective order on July 24, ordering Ivins to not to contact Duley and
to stay away from her workplace.

He was due in court Thursday.

Two sources familiar with the investigation said that on Tuesday, the
day Ivins died, lawyers were to meet and discuss a possible plea deal
for him.

At a Pentagon ceremony on March 14, 2003, Ivins and two colleagues from
USAMRIID were bestowed the Decoration of Exceptional Civilian Service,
the highest honor given to nonmilitary employees of the Defense,0,3650657.story?page=2

As a co-inventor of a new anthrax vaccine, Ivins was among those in
line to collect patent royalties if the product had come to market,
according to an executive familiar with the matter.
The product had languished on laboratory shelves until the Sept. 11
attacks and the anthrax mailings, after which federal officials raced
to stockpile vaccines and antidotes against potential biological terrorism.
A San Francisco-area biotechnology company, VaxGen, won a federal
contract worth $877.5 million to provide batches of the new vaccine.
The contract was the first awarded under legislation promoted by
President Bush, called Project BioShield.,0,3650657.story?page=1

I would like to hear from someone more medically qualified on one
subject: If this man tried to commit suicide with tylenol-3. How could
they have taken him to the hospital where he died TWO DAYS LATER? I
have abused the same drug and I couldn't even get into a coma.

Also, in listening to Jean Duley's testimony posted on NYTimes, I
noted she had worked at that facility for the exact length of time she
was treating Dr Ivins--six months. Does she supplement her income?
Hard to find any background on her, but I am looking.

Finally, this comes very quickly on the end of a 5+ million dollar
settlement of the last lead suspect in the case. Which is unusual on
its own, seldom are suspects paid restitution like that as far as I

More on the anthrax attacks

Project Anthrax (6 part series)


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