Monday, April 21, 2008

Obama - National Security

What i think Obama needs to say

especially in Pa.

That we need to do things that give small communities more power.

Clintons support in Pa depends on unions and small communities. Many of these people have lost their jobs, and those jobs will NOT return. Much of this is due to technology, but some is due to outsourcing to other countries.

The jobs lost to technology wont return (this is a hard reality), BUT, other jobs can come in to take thier place. Especially GREEN jobs.

Other benifits to empowering the small community may be that pople dont have to drive as far for work, saving gas.

Other tech jobs may come from "Wrok at Home" jobs.



The idea of our troops in Iraq is a HUGE problem for our National Security.

If there was another Hurricane Katrina, or an earthquake, or other natrual disaster, we would need our troops at home.

This idea has been barely mentioned by any of the candidates, and Obama nbeeds to take the lead on this. It could be a huge plus for him.


Gas Prices

Its absolultely astounding to me that none of the candidates seem to understand how important this is. To his credit Obama has probabaly been the most vocal about it, but I think it is still a MUCH BIGGER problem than ANYONE knows right now.

WHAT IF.....

What if the price of gas goes to $6.50 ?

What if a natural disaster hits at the same time ?

What if the cost of Iraq goes much higher than we have estimated, and the economy taks ?

If gas goes to, lets say a modest $5.00 and even a small natural disaster happens, lets say something on the order of Hurricane Katrina, then we will have a REAL CRISIS on our hands.

This scenario is not that hard to believe.

If gas is at $5.00 , people will have a hard time getting to work. Truckers will go out of business, food prices will soar, unemployment will go up another %10 to %20

If an earthquake, volcano, or (even modest) hurricane hits somewhere in the states that needs federal attentionat the same time, and we are still spending money in Iraq, the US GOV will not be able to bail people out of a recession.

We will go into a much deeper recession, and the dollar will plummet to 1/2 what it is now.

If gas goes to $6.00 or $7.00 a gallon, steady for a year, there will be "soup kitchens" for %30 of the populous of the USA. %50 of people will be unemployed, anbd the GOV will not be able to help or even feed everyone. A total collapse of our system would be very possible at this point.

Empowering SMALL COMMUNITIES will very much help offset this collapse !

All of the above may sound very negative and hard to believe, but i assure you its not all that impossible if we stay on the track we are on.

I know a negative message is not what Barak wants to send, but IO think he needs to really level with the people.

Maybe he can get this message out, without sounding as "doom and gloom" as i am sounding, but i think its a hard reality that we will have to face in the future.


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