Friday, March 30, 2007

From a regular Iraqi guy

From a regular Iraqi guy...

imagine theres no bullets, imagine theres no war.

imagine theres no killing, imagine I'm not poor.
is it OK if i am alive when your done ?
will you feel so much better, when you've won ?

imagine i weren't a Muslim, imagine i weren't kind.
imagine i looked like you, imagine your not blind.
imagine you could see the horror, imagine you could feel the pain.
can you make it stop now, will your image be stained ?

are you so much better, that i have to be like you ?
what do you stand for, that makes you so true ?
imagine I'm your enemy, imagine I'm your friend.
I wonder if i will be anything to you when this ends ?

do you see the bodies through the media so subtle ?
why don't we just die now to save all the trouble.

i remember freedom from terror,
i remember living my life.
are you happy for what you've obtained now,
what have YOU done to end this strife?

I'm sick to my stomach, my family is dead
imagine, imagine, imagine, that, then...
just go to bed.


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