Thursday, October 25, 2007

I think we havent touched the surface on what goes on in our dreams.
The body needs physical sleep to cope with stress, yes, but, i think dreams come from more than just passing electrons and waves of activity.
The Aborigines beleive that dreams come from our ancestors.
Most people today think that is just a myth, but i think we need to take this MUCH more seriously.
It seems many people have no problem taking Christian and some other religions as faith, but when it comes to something like this, its frowned on.

Think about it serious for a second.
Our ancestors go back millions of years. Each generation depending on what the other generation has learned.

Ask yourself WHY we still bury the dead ,
and why we ever did ?

I think there is an unconscious "THREAD" or "stream of knowledge" that holds us all together, and it comes from our ancestors.

Animals have something similar , its called instinct.

I think our ancestors KNEW the gravity of their actions, discoveries and inventions more than we do today.
They understood how important they were.

Think of it, its what separates us from the animals.

Buddha , Jesus and a few others have been able to tap into this thread.
Some Zen Buddhists are able to walk around while emitting gamma and even delta waves, which are usually only active during deep sleep.

I think the sooner we realize that we dont know everything, the faster we can grow as a civilization.

Dream well...


The Ultimate Mystery: What Do Our Brains Do While Sleeping?


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